The Division: Reaching The Glass Ceiling



The Division offers many different ways to extend its gameplay – but can it maintain its longevity with a low level cap?

The Division has been out for nearly six weeks, and reports of players reaching the level cap of 30 within the first 24 hours of owning the game leads to many questions. If capping out could be so simple, then where does the replay value go? Even though the people who reached that level so quickly were definitely farming and replaying high-XP missions – it is fairly easy for the casual player just going through the game to reach the cap albeit in more time.

While many games increase their level caps accordingly as the game gets deeper in its life cycle and releases new content it becomes a matter of how quickly will Ubisoft increase the level cap. The game has high replay value based on the ability to keep gearing up and its heavy reliance on co-op play. So for those interested in those areas, this article doesn’t concern you.

The Division gives gamers way more opportunities other than leveling up continuously – one can get lost in trying to get the best gear or crafting the most exotic mods. The hybrid of a sandbox game, meets an MMORPG is well balanced and no situation seems routine. The NPC’s, regardless of difficulty will advance or switch tactics on your positions based on how the player choose to handle the mission. Trying to create the most tactical approach to a situation can save headaches, bullets and open up more time for endlessly exploring Manhattan.

So to the hopes the level cap is raised for the sake of hitting it again, gamers worldwide wait.

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