Michonne: The Walking Dead Episode 3 “What We Deserve” Review

In the final chapter of The Walking Dead: Michonne – we see how far the samurai-sword wielding heroine will go to get free.

At this point the games in the Telltale saga all follow a very similar gameplay formula – move, click, read, video sequence. However, the stories each game tells and the depths they are willing to go in giving you difficult decisions is what makes the games enjoyable. For the sake of the review, spoilers will be avoided and the focus will be put on the decisions they require the player to make.

TWD: Michonne Episode 3 spends more time establishing the relationships between the characters than the past episodes. Based on how short the episodes are sometimes the development seems rushed. Having to compact the plot within a few episodes makes some decisions have huge gravity. Most of the decisions are action based and relative to the other two episodes this one has the least emotional decisions. The most difficult decision doesn’t come until the end and even that feels like it has no bearing on the course of the game

So for those who bought the season pass and received access to all three episodes at the cost of 15$ USD, you were treated to roughly 4-4 1/2 hours worth of gameplay which even for a mini-series did disappoint me slightly. Telltale: The Walking Dead is exactly what it is at this point as a series – a story-driven series. The gameplay will not wow, the graphics will not amaze but the choices the player has to make will not always be the easy – or the right ones.

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