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Nascar Expansion To Forza Motorsport 6

  A screenshot of a NASCAR Expansion for Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One has been spotted. Although right now the image only shows the UK price, it can only be expected to be stateside soon. The rear of the card shows the game will contain: Nascar World Tour Career Mode 24 New cars from the 2016 NASCAR season New Multiplayer events New course – Homestead-Miami Speedway  


Five New Games For Backwards Compatibility

Cinco De Mayo not only welcomes in a party holiday, but five new games coming to the Xbox One Backwards compatibility list. – Phantasy Star II – Sonic & Knuckles – Dig Dug – Samurai Shodown II – Runner 2 While they are five good titles, Microsoft is keeping with the theme of making most of what used to be its XBLA releases into backwards compatibility but not full release games.


How Books Have Helped Plot Development In Games

There once was a time when a good comic book, movie or TV show would spawn a video game based on its desire and notoriety would guarantee sales. These were the days when a hit movie franchise would release a lackluster game to capitalize on the fan base. While that still happens – game developers in the last three generations of games have been working backwards – creating their games and then making comics, graphic novels and movies to give back elements of the plot that a game couldn’t cover. This has provided the most developed game lores we have…


Gears Of War 4 Beta Impressions

Gears Of War 4 – one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 gets the beta treatment – and leaves us with mixed feelings. Gameplay The bread and butter of Gears of War is still there, but smaller intricacies have been altered. The ability to cancel mid-slide is a huge change which allows the player to start a slide and stop it at any point. The spray of the shotgun has been tightened so it has less range, but more damage. Still, the damage isn’t consistent and the return of the “Kill each other” shotgun made famous in Gears Of…


Michonne: The Walking Dead Episode 3 “What We Deserve” Review

In the final chapter of The Walking Dead: Michonne – we see how far the samurai-sword wielding heroine will go to get free. At this point the games in the Telltale saga all follow a very similar gameplay formula – move, click, read, video sequence. However, the stories each game tells and the depths they are willing to go in giving you difficult decisions is what makes the games enjoyable. For the sake of the review, spoilers will be avoided and the focus will be put on the decisions they require the player to make. TWD: Michonne Episode 3 spends…


Trials Of The Blood Dragon Release Leaked

An image has recently leaked with the information that Trials will be getting a Blood Dragon variant creatively titled…Trials of the Blood Dragon. The clear tie-in between Trials and the “Blood Dragon” from Far Cry 3 exist and provide gamers with what could be a very interesting game. This release appears to be DLC. Trials Of The Blood Dragon has an unknown release date and is scheduled for release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


The Division: Reaching The Glass Ceiling

  The Division offers many different ways to extend its gameplay – but can it maintain its longevity with a low level cap? The Division has been out for nearly six weeks, and reports of players reaching the level cap of 30 within the first 24 hours of owning the game leads to many questions. If capping out could be so simple, then where does the replay value go? Even though the people who reached that level so quickly were definitely farming and replaying high-XP missions – it is fairly easy for the casual player just going through the game…

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